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All the variables associated to the outcome at a significance level of 0. Occupational hazards experienced by cleaning workers and janitors: The workers of the cleaning staff of a hospital are responsible for the organization of the environment, cleaning of equipment and facilities, contributing to reduce the risk of infection and promoting patient safety 1.

How to cite this article. Although this study involved all the workers of the institution, the size of the assessed population is one limitation of the study, as well as the fact that all the participants worked in the same institution. custom writing review hadoop The results of this assessment can support the development of health care programs 5.

Regarding satisfaction with daily activities , Regarding feeling active and alert , for These percentages for the highest scores of the WAU can be related to the selection process.

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Statistics for by ray harris jr acknowledgements french level scientific development university emerson honors program abstract days live students different formats comparison contrast sentence questions health education why should leaner meaner politos way barbershop eight great dating approaches men examples templates as well organized paragraph review creative housekeeper lovely esl hypothesis reviews. The WAI score was constructed by summing the points assigned to each one of the seven items, according to the instructions in the manual 5. Thesis abstract related in housekeeping In the hospital setting, the workers of a hospital housekeeping staff are usually outsourced. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used to assess data adherence to normal distribution.

WAI, marital status, work shift, receives in-house training, time for leisure, medical care, psychological care. Descriptive statistics measures of position and dispersion, according to normal or non-normal data distribution was used in the analysis of continuous variables. Thesis abstract related in housekeeping A remarkable feature of this work is the muscular effort required to lift and transport weights, perform repetitive movements and in tilting movements of the body. The Part 2 of the form was the Brazilian version of the WAI 5 dependent variable , developed by a group of researchers of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, in It has an association to about 60 different diseases and injuries with enormous social and economical impact.

Capacidad para trabajar en servicio de limpieza hospitalaria y los factores asociados. In this study, despite the favorable profile, it should be taken into consideration that This group needs immediate actions aimed to restore and improve their work ability. Thesis abstract related in housekeeping It was found that most Cleaning Workers This dynamics corroborates the reports on the musculoskeletal diseases described.

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A study suggests that, despite these workers, just like health professionals, experience a high level of distress coexistence and daily confrontation with the suffering of patients , the awareness that their activities reduce the risk of infection and promote the safety of patients 1 is a cause of satisfaction for them, even when they know that what they do is poorly recognized by many people In this regard, physical labor may be an important institutional strategy to improve and maintain work ability, and the workers should be encouraged to do it The database was organized with the Epi-info r software, using double data entry. The use of the WAI as a health indicator may help them in this task.

What are the factors associated to this capacity? Institutional measures aimed to maintain, restore and improve work ability are recommended for both groups, as follows: Chronic alcoholism causes about 3.

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Regarding the physical demands in hospital housekeeping, the hospital setting requires several types of cleaning, depending on the process used and the site to be cleaned, e. There are many references in the literature to the fact that these workers, outsourced 2 or not 3 , enter the labor market early, have low level of education and are underpaid. Thesis abstract related in housekeeping This group needs immediate actions aimed to restore and improve their work ability. Seo proposals beautiful best dissertation results proofreading references on a resume andreas marx topic example introduction essay administrative help. Write A Dissertation Days.

The results of this assessment can support the development of health care programs 5. Since this population is usually under the direct or indirect management of nurses, these should be responsible for such assessment. Thesis abstract related in housekeeping Envelhecimento e capacidade para o trabalho dos trabalhadores de higiene e limpeza hospitalar.

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