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I hope the developers will take care of this issue soon!! I fixed my inventory crash problem by removing mod files inside the DLC folder. I couldn't buy another one.

June 2, at 3: June 7, at When I did have a chance within quest no statue option showed up.

I investiaged everything in that mansion, and tried everything I should like you — reinstalling, reloading, deleting mods e. June 2, at 1: As soon as I downloaded it and installed, everything has been peachy. essay writing service ultius Pitiful considering the quality overall, this is only going to damage reputation. I really do love it but I hope they get around to fixing these things soon.

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Can anybody help with this? Some parts of the map i cannot access. June 15, at 1: Loot all but one item, exit loot, walk 15' away in-game then go back and can re-loot infinitely so long as you leave 1 item in monster destroyed nest. Writer for hire witcher 3 bug The majordomo just casually chills in the house like always.

June 2, at 1: On PS4, the equine phantoms quest is bugged when we need to help roach investigate. Went back through the completed quest logs and it was missing. Writer for hire witcher 3 bug Anybody else had this?

I have noticed alot of other small bugs as well at one point Geralt would not stop jumping I had to reload the game to make it stop. I have the soldier statuette and Triss is suppose to be a Kaer Morhen. Writer for hire witcher 3 bug Knight of long fangs seems to be active when main story has been completed, hence stops me from getting to area i need to do side quests, anyone found a fix for this yet? June 1, at 5:

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The quests have bugs either choice you make. I cant even speak to regis like my current quest saxs i should. essay writing helper my best friend The only problem I discovered so far in XONE is the cave music which stuck in the whole environment after just one visit in a cave!!! You can find the console enabler for 1.

I have just tried the mission again but I can no longer interact with the objects that give you the scent trail so I can no longer continue. I hope the developers will take care of this issue soon!! June 29, at

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I was wondering if I was the only one having issues with scripted mods. It almost seemed like she was pissed and I couldn't help feel like I was being punished for choosing her. Writer for hire witcher 3 bug Which is odd since everything was perfect for every patch beforehand. She will talk and go ahead and there is no loading screen any more. On PS4, the equine phantoms quest is bugged when we need to help roach investigate.

Playing on PC, got a couple mods wich are all compatible with the version. I get a black loading screen, Geralt says some dialogue and then it never loads, anyone else have this issue? On what I could see, you can start and finish the statuettes' quest only when Triss is in Novigrad, before to save Philippa. Writer for hire witcher 3 bug You can speak with her and ask her " how is she " thats all. I still haven't bought the expansion packs and I pat myself on the back each day that goes by with all these bugs.

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